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alan toliver
Alan Toliver
Chief Logistics Officer

"Chaine is helping logistics organizations lower their cost to serve. Realistically, I believe this type of technology will exponentially improve efficiency."

alicia ruiz
Alicia Ruiz
VP of Compliance & Legal Affairs

""Chaine’s visibility platform has given us the opportunity to adapt quickly to unique customer requirements. The intelligence and responsiveness of staff at Chaine along with their seamless integration really sets them apart from other providers.""

andrew birkins
Andrew Birkins
Executive Vice President

"No more business as usual with ops and carrier reps spending half their day doing manual follow-ups or chasing down drivers for app installs. Chaine has figured out how to make app tracking work, and automated check calls when app tracking fails."

eEric Schnirel
Eric Schnirel

"Chaine has reduced to minutes, things that used to take hours. For example, following up with drivers to confirm if they arrived or are loaded. Now my reps come to their desk in the morning and check-call follow-ups are done for them. It works like magic."

Jeff Mosqueda
Jeff Mosqueda
VP, Corporate Sales

"Chaine isn’t just a vendor for JTS, they are an extension of our business. Chaine has provided timely and creative solutions to all of our request enabling us to do more with less. They understand the complexities of third-party logistics and quickly deliver solutions to make our business more efficient each day. "

Robert Schlegel
Robert Schlegel
Founder, CEO

"We looked at Chaine and saw the future. Chaine’s powerful workflows and custom views allow our reps to be hyper-efficient, doing more with less and helping us scale rapidly."

alan toliver
Shawn Dhillon
Carrier Procurement Lead

"The automation of Chaine’s track and trace product has enabled us to focus key personnel on other tasks, creating more reward for our company. The industry has moved to complete transparency, and with Chaine, we are able to obtain visibility of all carriers increasing on-time percentages and tracking compliance."

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